Building Better Boundaries

5-Module Self Study Course: Keeping the peace and trying to make everyone else happy seems like the “nice” thing to do. But after awhile, it can feel like you are being walked all over, leading to simmering frustration and tension in your relationships. That’s why the ability to set clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that we create to define acceptable behaviour for ourselves and others. They serve us invisible lines that we create to protect ourselves from being hurt or used by others. They define how we want to be treated and what we are willing to tolerate. However, building boundaries can seem like a confusing or daunting idea to some people.

6 Lessons

5-Module Self Study Course

Do you feel guilty or afraid when you consider telling someone “no”?

Do you feel like other people have more control over your life than they should?

Perhaps it’s time to learn the power of setting personal boundaries.